You play as R2BCN, pronounced R2Bacon, and you are a security droid in a meat factory. The cows, chickens and pigs in your factory has started a riot and are trying to escape. Why? Because of the gene-modification we have been doing on them has made them square, so we could fit more animals in one factory, and when transporting the animals around, they can be packed much more efficiently.


  • Pigs - They are pretty slow, but will speed up a little bit when they see you
  • Cows - They walk around casually, until they see you and then they start rushing you down
  • Chickens - Arguably the most dangerous of all animals, they can fly between levels and are quite fast


  • Left/Right arrow key to move left/right
  • Up arrow to jump (there is double jump in the game)
  • Spacebar to shoot
  • Down arrow + Spacebar to drop down one level, but be careful, touching the bottom of the screen will kill you.
Published Oct 11, 2015
Made withPhaser
TagsGame Jam, js48


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